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Fuck. It’s ironic how empty I am because 
I swear 6 months ago I had the universe inside
of me but I cried the rivers in my bones dry.
The volcanoes in my chest erupted when you told
me you didn’t love me anymore and lava flooded
my body and hardened till I stopped sleeping.
I had stars in my lungs but I burned them
all out with the cigarettes I was smoking
to get you the fuck out of my throat. The
flowers growing at the bottoms of my 
stomach are dead. Apparently you  
can’t water flowers with vodka.
I had the sky in my veins but it’s
been pretty fucking stormy since I
ripped them open. I had planets 
on the tip of my tongue but
the debris from the shattered 
remains of “us” have been
crashing into them. I was
everything. And then I met
you and we were everything.
Now you’re fucking some
blonde girl who gets
high all the time and
I’m a fucking

this is my favorite fucking poem ever ever ever


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Love isn’t about
   fucking each other
at any opportunity.

It also isn’t about
  how many months
or years
  that you’ve been together.

To me,
  love is about 
being able to see light
  inside of the person
who knows nothing
   but darkness.

November 15, 2013
3:59 am
I still love you, or at least my stomach still does.
4:13 am
I’m going to hurl
4:28 am
I figured out it wasn’t you i missed. But your cold lips.
4:58 am
kiss me, kiss me, kiss me, kiss me, kiss me, kiss m,e kiss me, love me, kiss me, kiss me, kiss me.
5:02 am
i wrote your name beneath my bed. You know why.
5:14 am
i remember the sound of your swallows between your pauses.
5:19 am
was that you in the book store. you didn’t smile when you saw me. i cried in the bathroom.
5:21 am
my legs crave yours.
5:58 am
i’ve finally found a way to end all those restless nights.
5:59 am
i won’t be bothering you anymore.
6:01 am
i hope my ghost haunts you.
6:26 am
the sun is so beautiful. and i am not worthy of that beauty.
January 7, 2014
6:49 am
your name doesn’t sting my throat anymore

thirteen unedited deleted texts you never got the chance to break my heart with. N.spence (via safeslut)

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